As x increases beyond 25 which function will have the largest value? A. f(x)= 1.5x ) B. h(x)= 1.5x squared) C. g(x)= 1.5x+3,) D. k(x)=1.5x to the third + 1.5x squared) explain and show work please ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:The function with the largest value will be [tex]f(x)=1.5^{x}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatAs x increases beyond 25 , that meansx> 25soAssume Β x=30Substitute the value of x in each equation and find the value of the function, and then compare the resultscase 1) [tex]f(x)=1.5^{x}[/tex]For x=30[tex]f(30)=1.5^{30}=191,751.06[/tex]case 2) [tex]h(x)=1.5x^{2}[/tex]For x=30[tex]h(30)=1.5(30)^{2}=1,350[/tex]case 3) [tex]g(x)=1.5x+3[/tex]For x=30[tex]g(30)=1.5(30)+3=48[/tex]case 4) [tex]k(x)=1.5x^{3} +1.5x^{2}[/tex]For x=30[tex]k(30)=1.5(30)^{3} +1.5(30)^{2}=41,850[/tex]thereforeThe function with the largest value will be [tex]f(x)=1.5^{x}[/tex]