Mary wants to fill in a cylinder vase. At the flower store they told her that the vase should be filled 3/4 for the flowers tolast the longest. Her cylinder vase has a radius of 4 inches and a height of 10 inches. How much water should Mary pourinto the vase?

Accepted Solution

Answer:About 376.99 cubic inchesStep-by-step explanation:Cylinder has a volume of:[tex]V=\pi r^2h[/tex]WhereV is the volumer is the radiush is the heightWe need to find the volume of the cylinder, then multiply that answer by 3/4 to get the solution to this problem. First, the full volume of the cylinder.Givenr = 4h = 10So,[tex]V=\pi r^2h\\V=\pi (4)^2 (10)\\V=502.65[/tex]Now, we multiply by 3/4:[tex]502.65*\frac{3}{4}=376.99[/tex]Mary should be vase to 376.99 cubic inches