PLEASE HEP!!!!!! SHOW YOUR WORK!!!  BRAINIEST FOR FIRST RIGHT ANSWER! Instructions: Type the correct answer in each box. Use numerals instead of words. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s). Lucas has five buttons in a container. Each button is a different shape. There is a star, an oval, a hexagon, a circle, and a heart. He picks one button, replaces it, and then picks another button. The sample size for this compound event is _______ . Suppose one square-shaped button is added to the container. If Lucas repeats the same picking process, then the sample size would be _______ .

Accepted Solution

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Part A: There are five buttons in all in the given item. The item can be answered through the fundamental principles of counting.

There are 5 items to choose from during the first pick... Because the shape can be be returned and picked again, there are also 5 items to choose from in the second pick. Multipying them ,

Therefore, the sample side for the compound event is equal to 25. 

Part B: The same concept can be used in this part of  them item; however, instead of 5 there are 6 buttons to choose from.


Hence, the sample size of this picking process is 36! :))))

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