write a ratio, in simplest form, that compares two quantities(show your work) 3 years to 6 months

Accepted Solution

The ratio is 6 : 1

To find the ratio, we first need to make the units consistent.
I will convert all units to "months"

we know that one year has 12 months, therefore:
3 years = 3 * 12 = 36 months
6 months is simply equal to 6 months

Now, to get the ratio, we will simply divide the two quantities and simplify as follows:
36 months to 6 months = [tex] \frac{36 months}{6months} [/tex] = [tex] \frac{36}{6} [/tex] = [tex] \frac{6}{1} [/tex]

Based on the above, the ratio is 6:1

Hope this helps :)